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The Over Fifty Starting Over podcast

Inspiration and Information for people championing their third act

Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison – moderate vs conservative. Metaphysical concept guy vs Christian political historian. Self-improvement and finding your career of passion are our main themes. We typically end discussing current events in a fairly politically incorrect format. Fast-paced, one-hour intellectual discussions in an entertaining format.

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Super Fan

September 18, 2020

I have watched since the beginning and I now have my wife Christina asking if the next episode is ready. I don’t agree with everything they talk about but what they do is promote a conversation that allows you to see different sides. There knowledge base is vast and what they might not know they can easily get on the fly, I love to hear about there life’s ups and downs. I feel like I am in the room listening to them banter back and forth.

If you haven’t been following start, well worth the time.

Thank you for helping me become a smarter and better human being

— Tim Newman

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Grandparenting horror stories

  • When your dependent has a dependent (older parents).
  • When your son/daughter is dependent (drugs… finances).
  • You had a different vision of your last third of life, now you’re raising your kid’s kids.

Dating Over 50

  • How to navigate dating apps
  • How different is it today vs 20+ years ago?
  • Are sexual expectations different?
  • Romance scams – online scams on your nest egg     ic3.gov   – scams

Losing your spouse Over 50

  • Unexpected hurdles
  • Dealing with loneliness
  • Monetary concerns

Career phoenixes

  • Share success rebounds
  • Share learned secrets, techniques

The Meaning of Life


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