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Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison – moderate vs conservative. Metaphysical concept guy vs Christian political historian. Self-improvement and finding your career of passion are our main themes. We typically end discussing current events in a fairly politically incorrect format. Fast-paced, one-hour intellectual discussions in an entertaining format.

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 What is Over 50 Starting Over?

“Over 50 Starting Over” (affectionately referred to as “O5O”) is a free online marketing initiative targeted to people over 50 who are looking to take back their careers and follow their true passions. Those that are creating their own businesses online and on a budget – whether it’s a full-time effort or you’re a Weekend Warrior. I deliver these via regular video blog tips. The Best Brand Blueprint is my all-in-one premium class for quick implementation!

Most of my clients have already created their websites on the cheap and now realize that to convert a visitor (prospect) into a customer you need to have your Best Brand (your visuals, site structure and messaging) in place. This will also help you when networking and delivering your elevator speech.

Home workstation for Over 50 Starting OverThis will appeal to the self-motivated crowd that doesn’t want to get bogged down in technology and Geek-Speak (technobabble). I provide video instruction with worksheets and step-by-step guidance for creating and implementing the essential elements of Building Your Best Brand and complementary marketing efforts such as:

  • Finding your niche and passion
  • Naming a new business (don’t forget domain name)
  • Finding your best Value Propositions
  • Creating meaningful Mission Statement, logo and slogan
  • Creating your own website
  • Establishing appropriate social media
  • On-page and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Creating lead generating content
  • How to maximize your time and efforts
  • Free online tools that increase efficiency

It is as much business consultation as it is marketing training resources. It’s how to utilize all those different things you’re hearing about so that they work together without wasting your precious time. 

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“Love the look and content of your newsletters. Quick, easy bites and relevant content!”

Susan L. | May 24, 2017

dream jobs for people Over 50 Starting OverA lot of us 50 years old or older have a burning desire to do something career-wise that is more meaningful to us

Perhaps you’ve felt imprisoned in Corporate America your entire adult life. You made great money and yet feel unfulfilled, so you’re looking for a way to semi-retire while pursuing your true dream of being a business coach, fitness trainer or social media marketer

Maybe you’re not looking for an occupational change, but you paid your dues and became a valuable asset of business knowledge and experience and you’re ready to leave the stress of big business behind and become an outsourced consultant from your home office.

This course is perfect for those in the trades or auto mechanics that want to establish their businesses online and take more of those clients from your competitors. People certainly don’t use the phone book anymore!

You may have found somewhere along the way that teaching your skills for the benefit of others is infinitely more rewarding than providing services as a drone for a company. And at this point, going out on your own sounds a lot better than being surrounded day in and day out by other frustrated drones.

Perhaps you’ve been an amazing sales person for the past three decades and you’re just tired of chasing quotas and justifying your worth. You feel it’s time to sell yourself and reap your own rewards.

Everyone of us out there has a unique story with a common thread – it’s time to follow our heart. We’re looking at the last third of our careers and we want to feel more fulfilled. My intention is to provide my own years of knowledge and experience to guide you through leveraging the internet to do just that.


Don’t waste any more money on your marketing until you have a brand that converts them into customers!

The Best Brand Blueprint will help you build an online presence that will convince more of those prospects that your company is the expert in your field.

Three modules broken down into digestible steps via videos accompanied with worksheets. Real world examples will help you identify your unique approach. Every module is based upon getting your prospects attention within seconds, so they will take a few more seconds to consider your services… then build trust. This is what converts prospects into customers!

Module1: Positioning – define your target audience and position you utilizing your unique talents.

Module 2: Brand design and messaging – Identify your unique Value Propositions, evaluate your logo and slogan. Learn how to design a business card that stands above your competition.

Module 3: website structure – Face it, no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. Your potential customers look up several sources at a time. The Best Brand Blueprint will guide you step-by-step in how to structure your website to put your best messaging and trust factors where they look for them. From there, you can easily transfer these messages to your social media platforms to entice and build followers.

Work with more of the clients that you value… and value you. Let the bottom feeders go to your competition.


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