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Marty Strong is a retired Navy SEAL officer and combat veteran. He is a novelist, a practicing CEO and Chief Strategy Officer. He’s a Business Coach and author of 2 popular business books.

He’s also the author of THE TIME WARRIOR SAGAS  a 4-book series of fiction set in a dystopian future and SEAL STRIKE – a 5-book series of high action fiction set in post 9-11.

Marty shares his writing techniques with us and recommended resources for editing and publishing.

We also discuss Stolen Valor – the common grift of impersonating retired Navy Seals.

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Writing Resources for Authors

Beta Reader – Have other writers proof a chapter or two of your book for professional feedback.

Amazon KDP – Self publishing on Amazon

Damonza – book cover design/illustration. I recommend

Amazon Audio ACX – Find voicing talent for audio books

Scrivner – A word processor that allows you to easily re-order pages and chapters

Where to find Marty Strong

Non-Fiction Books:

Fiction Books:


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