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Dr. Glenn Livingston, an expert in overeating and binge eating, is renowned for his book “Never Binge Again,” which has helped over a million readers. His latest release, “Defeat Your Cravings,” extends and updates his earlier work, drawing from vast experience and scientific research on cravings and societal influences on eating behavior. This free resource offers practical benefits, including reducing cravings, decreasing instances of giving in, and fostering a shift in focus from food to life fulfillment.

Dr. Livingston’s unique approach, shaped by decades of work with clients and self-funded research, stands apart from traditional psychology and self-help books on food-related issues. His own journey from food obsession to a healthy relationship with food adds a personal and relatable touch to his expertise, while his work has been featured in prominent publications and media outlets, further underscoring the value of his insights.

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