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A deep dive into using AI for Business with industry thought leader, Mark Tennant. We cover the many options of AI and their costs and recommended applications.

Check out Mark’s blog article – 3 minute read – about how he has Chat challenging him. Its a fun and insightful read!!

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2:30 Cautions against using AI incorrectly
6:30 How to use AI in personal life.
9:00 Office 365 Copilot – MS’s incorporation of AI
16:00 Zoom AI companion
19:00 Google Lumiere
22:30 Copyright infringement possibilities
31:00 What is Generative AI?
39:00 will AI take away creative jobs?
42:50 ChatGPT-create your own GPTs
46:30 AI writing solutions
50:40 Writing good prompts
1:03:30 Image generators – MidJourney, Dall-E, Firefly
1:06:05 AI advantages for business
1:13:30 Live example – prompts for strategies, images

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