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10:45  New, positive research concerning our food habits and heart health

30:30  The Baltimore bridge collapse

40:30  The capturing of American capitalism by hedge fund companies using DEI/ESG

56:20  Joy Reid, Baltimore mayor and Don Lemon fan the flames of “racism”

1:01:40   Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro) fires Candace Owens over religious differences

1:06:00  RFK Jr gets legally targeted by Democrats (Politico article:

1:17:30  Puff Daddy/P Diddy raided by FBI

1:19:40  RFK Jr’s mom, Ethel Kennedy, rides a big broom. A look at their dark history

1:33:00 Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel of Abby & Brittany Privately Married Josh Bowling:

1:44:30 Ronna McDaniel’s NBC News Tenure Is Over After Just Five Days

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