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**Next week, Special Guest, Domenic Zinicola joins me in studio

3:50   Organ harvesting. Black slave owners mucking up reparations

11:45   5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss!

37:00   Surviving a crippling economy. Scathing MSNBC interview on how we’re jeopardizing younger generations

48:00   “Toxic masculinity”, divisiveness and campus protests gone wild

56:30   James Lyndsey’s New Discourses podcast: The cult known as the United Nations

01:19:10   Biden Admin paroles hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants – sends them across America

01:22:45  Wealthy white Louisiana residents win right to form their own city and split from Baton Rouge – huge implications

01:33:00  Tulsi Gabbert says Tik Tok ban is paving a path to get to X (Twitter) to censor.

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