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6:30  Our messed up health care system: Privatization is on the rise

18:00  Chronic inflammation: What it is. What causes it. What prevents it.

40:20  Idiot senator Lindsey Graham wants to nuke Gaza

54:45  Kirsti Noem brags about shooting her dog

59:20  Biden accepts debate challenge with Trump…as embarrassing as that is. What happened to the Democrat party?

1:09:30  Dave Smith announces he’s going to debate Covid King Chris Cuomo – lol!

1:15:10  Our research for “Top 10 Lies Perpetrated by MainStream Media” thwarted by censorship.

1:29:45  TV Show reviews! A deep dive into “Fallout“. A brief look at “Justified

1:39:30  Matt Lauer and Don Lemon teaming up for “comeback”

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