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Special Guest Mark Tennent on The importance of AI literacy in 2024


9:00   Claude AI vs ChatGPT

10:30   Using ChatGPT/Dall-E to create images

13:00 ChatGPT 4o

14:45   Using ChatGPT on your phone – voice prompts

20:45  Apple and Open.AI ink deal to revolutionize how EVERYONE will use AI

29:00   The battle for AI supremacy

33:30   Thomas Massie – A fascinating look into one of our very few Congressman that stands up against the corruption rampant throughout our government

35   Massie introduces us to AIPAC – Isreal’s lobbyist group that heavily influences our “public servants”

43:30  Clip of Massie and Tucker Carlson interview:

46:30 Clip of Massie detailing Speaker of The House Mike Johnson as a traitor to the Republican Party


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