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This episode:

9:45   Critical Thinking – We discuss 8 characteristics inspired by Melanie Trecek-King’s

24:00 The Women’s Rights Divide and the right to their own sports. Hijacking decency in the guise of compassion.

40:00   The Reparations Divide…in the guise of compassion

45:00 The Juneteenth Divide…in the guise of compassion

50:30  Dick Van Dike wins Emmy at 98 years old. Always finding new challenges. “I enjoyed everything I did, and not a lot of people can say that”.

54:30  The Ashley Madison hack and public leaks (Netflix documentary).

1:00:30  Putin speaks to the gaslighting of America by our own government

1:06:00  Predicting Jon Ossoff as Biden’s successor after debate disaster

1:15:40  Josh Hawley grills Boeing CEO for $32M salary as he seems to be ordered to bleed company dry.

1:20:00  The 1.2 billion dollar luxury high rise for CA’s homeless. What is the right answer for our growing unemployable population?

1:36:00 Our favorite shows getting gay makeovers while doing a disservice to gay people. Merle recommends “The Man in the High Castle” on Prime.


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