Best Brand Blueprint special offer

Limited time for an exclusive audience. If you’d like apply for this brand and marketing makeover, please apply below. Note that this isn’t a tutorial on building your website – the market is flooded with them. This is a course on how to build a brand and strategic content within your online universe that gets found and converts more of those prospects into customers.

If you’d like a professional brand makeover that makes you money, continue on…

I won’t lie to you – this package requires a commitment. If assembling an online presence that gets found and converts customers was easy, we’d all be millionaires. 

But, if you do commit the effort, I promise that I will do my best to make it very worth your while – as a terrific investment with high return, and as an experience that breathes new life into your professional life.

It’s important to me that you succeed. I’m offering you my course at $197 to make it enticing and affordable for the right individual. However, $197 is still nothing to sneeze at, so we both need to take this application very seriously.

With that said, Brave One, I look forward to sharing success with you!

– Barry Edwards

Best Brand Blueprint application

  • What platform is your website built upon?
  • Do you have the initiative and means to update your website, social media and online directories yourself? Please explain.
  • Please explain to me what is the current status of your online presence. Have you received any leads within the past year?
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Can you really do this yourself? In the past…

Everywhere I look online I see people telling you how they can help you build amazing sales funnels that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars . Or, How To’s on creating Facebook ads that will send legions of prospects to your website— but, what if you don’t know what a sales funnel is… or have a decent website to send traffic to?

They’re assuming quite a bit

  1. That you have a marketing degree
  2. That you’ve put together your entire online presence already

This is the blue collar reality of getting yourself online in order to generate sales

… It’s just harder than everyone has been telling you

Forget funnels and lead magnets, Facebook ads and Google Adwords… for now. You MAY only need a well-structured website with a well thought out brand.

You MAY need the funnels, lead magnets and paid ads down the line. But EVERYONE needs to start with their best online presence FIRST.


What do electricians, dentists, plumbers and auto mechanics all have in common?

  1. They all draw their business from about a 5-20 mile radius
  2. USUALLY, the online competition isn’t hard to beat within that radius

If you’re an electrician that’s tired of your boss and want to go out on your own, a well-branded, Google-friendly website is probably all you’ll need to get steady traffic.

If you put together a Google-friendly online presence that presents you in all in your most unique and professional light — chances are your audience will find you… and then many will develop enough trust in you to do business with you.


If your business is, or will, operate at the Regional or National level, you still need to refine your messaging into your Best Brand.

I cover every aspect of getting your business together online — from naming your business, to defining your BEST audience. What website platform that I recommend – along with website host.

What may be optimal for a tradesman is going to be very limiting for the regional or national company.

I then cover the best ways to develop your logo and slogan, Mission Statement, you’re ALL-IMPORTANT Value Proposition development. Even building your Best Business card

And bringing this together to build out a website that puts your Best Brand forward so that you’re actually converting more of those visitors that you worked so hard to get — whether it be from the organic SEO tips that I shared with you, or from doing paid ads, such as Facebook or Google Adwords.

Can I really do this all myself?

I have a completely different approach to this than anyone else you will find offering you DIY online marketing training:

First: I’ve taken classes where the instructor fully divulged that 90% of the students don’t finish their online course…and I’m talking about a very good, thorough, nationally-renowned course. Armed with that knowledge, I set out to offer you a course that will get you UNSTUCK at crucial stages, so that you can get back to pursuing your dreams of running your business — and servicing today’s clients.

Together, we’ll get the critical elements of your online brand together. You may (probably) will need to improve some of your service offerings to better align you in your market. Here are some other major things that we address in Best Brand Blueprint

If you have the perseverance to let me assist you in creating better versions of these elements, than you’re my kind of Do-It-Yourselfer, and time is wasting! I look forward to partnering with you on creating our unique success story!