Early this morning, friday, August 2, it seems Bluehost suffered a massive network outage during “routine maintenance”. After trying to contact the company via phone and internet (with no luck), I checked my Twitter account – YIKES!  Twitter is abuzz with hundreds of frustrated web developers and end users.

I’m not happy about posting the bad news – after all, it makes me look bad as a web developer who has highly recommended Bluehost the past few years. And I have a number of sites affected by this myself – already apologizing to a couple of customers for this unexpected interruption.

It also affects me AS I CAN’T WORK ON MY DAMN SITES!!

I figured a company as large and highly regarded as Bluehost had backup systems on top of their backup systems. I’m sure a lot of people figured the same. What one day can do to someone’s branding. This is truly a job for extensive PR Crisis Control… if they ever get back online.

So, here’s to hoping that Bluehost learns and grows from this, because I’m already thinking of alternate solutions myself – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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