NOTE: We have maxxed out for Tuesday, October 23rds meeting. You can still join the group via the form below or our MeetUp page and I will keep you abreast of future meetings. Thank you. I really look forward to meeting everyone tonight! Barry Edwards

Where: Tres Portrillos, Beachwood

When: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 • 5:30 – 7 pm

What: This is a small business mastermind – an interactive meeting amongst small biz owners. We’re looking to build a core group of business entrepreneurs that are looking to improve their small businesses through better marketing, networking and business strategies. We will cover an important business-building subject each meeting such as,

  • Building a better brand
  • How to get leads and exposure with online content
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for small businesses
  • Networking that actually works
  • Email campaigns that convert… and more!

Business lead, Barry Edwards, is a lead generation and branding consultant. He will begin meetings introducing an important topic and the common struggles and potential solutions. We will then introduce ourselves and add our own takes on this subject matter.

The format is currently intended to provide members with Solutions, Accountability, Networking and Exposure. It will evolve organically – both format and member base, as to grow in value for our members.

Who it is for: Cleveland area entrepreneurs looking to improve their business footprint through sharing knowledge with respected peers.

Kick off session: What is your brand?

This will be the inaugural meeting of the BUILDING A BETTER BUSINESS mastermind group. As such we will spend a little more time on getting to know each other and our businesses. We will open the meeting with a discussion of what our brands are and how we can strengthen them. I will provide a launching point by discussing the 3 main ingredients in developing a company brand.

Come with the expectation of serious participation. You’ll get out of it what you’re willing to put into it and we’re looking to build important relationships within our small business community.

Feel free to order food and/or drinks. While this is intended for serious discussion with serious takeaways, it is also meant to be done in a casual and positive manner.

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Registration is free to you, our founding members. Reserve your spot today!


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