daylight savings time debacleSo we’re a few days into the whole time change scam and, as I do every year, I feel like going to bed at 6 pm. I don’t get it. Never did get it and never will. I’ve asked people for years why the government insists on doing this. I’ve googled the ridiculous subject, and clearly no one has a real answer for it.

Supposedly Ben Franklin introduced the idea to make better use the extra hour of daylight in the summer – moving it from morning to evening. I’m very cool with that. Leave the time there. Why move it back?

I’ve heard the argument, “Because we don’t want our kids to walk to school in the dark”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I still walked to school in the dark with the silly time change.

We’ve all heard, “Its for the farmers, so they get more use of daylight”. Seriously? Did we really add any daylight anywhere? There’s the same amount of daylight in the winter and summer regardless and the farmers will get out of bed and work with that daylight regardless of what our clocks say.

And finally… energy consumption. Right. Now, thanks to the ridiculous time change, we all have to come home from work and turn on all of our lights to see what the heck we’re doing.

Look, if we just have to screw around with the clocks, than I say we do just the opposite – have the clocks spring forward an hour in the fall so we move that extra hour of daylight to the evening, then fall back in the spring to where we currently keep our summer hours. Maybe we’ll see the wintertime suicide rates across the northern half of the country plummet as a result.