Originally posted as on Quora, 3-15-2020

The simple truth about exercise that most people ignore: It is the best mental stimulant and regulator that you can get naturally.

I need to exercise regularly, and in the morning, to rid myself of negative energy and thoughts. The physical benefits are great, but secondary to me now at 54 years old.

Most of us know that meditation is an important key to mental health, yet most of us can’t even entertain the thought of sitting still and clearing our heads for 5 minutes. Do it on a treadmill!

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. The goal is to clear your head of habitual thinking and allow your mind to gently absorb the productive and positive thoughts of your desire. I find this to be infinitely easier to do while burning away my more negative and anxious thoughts on a cardio machine and while doing circuit training.

Circuit training is simply going from exercise to exercise rather quickly in order to keep up your heart rate, burn calories and keep you focused (keep you off your goddamn phone!).

For those of us over fifty and wanting to continue to perform at a high level in our careers and personal lives, exercise is the most important natural stimulant to achieve this.