We took our dental implant client to #1 in Google rankings in 1 day

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t a common scenario – finding some Local Search discrepancies, fixing them, and then finding the SEO results put you at #1 in organic search the next day. But that’s exactly what we found this week with our client, Cleveland Dental Implant Center.

One of the offenses was that the company was listed at the wrong address in Google Maps. Your Google listing is hugely important and this is problem is not uncommon. This was also a problem with our plastic surgeon’s SEO (along with many others that we’re currently working on).

I also found that our healthcare professional was often putting the suite number before the street address. I’m sure this was penalizing them badly. It’s very important to keep your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistent and accurate.

Upon correcting these and doing a one-on-one consult about blogging best practices I supplied them with a list of 25 of the top backlinks that they can get themselves listed on which will ensure they stay on top of the Google rankings.

The importance of Local Search

If your business relies solely on people within a certain radius of you, then you have to take Local Search very seriously. Start with making sure that you have a personal profile and company page with consistent NAP information on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. AFTER this is ensured, you can concern yourself with additional backlinks and putting great content on your blog. If you’re in a field where these online marketing practices haven’t been taken seriously, such as our dental implant friend, than you can very easily get to that #1 ranking locally as well.

— Barry Edwards

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