Logo design is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things that I do. The priorities of a great corporate logo are:

1. Legibility: The text must be able to read at a glance.

2. Simplicity while being aesthetically pleasing. This is where the hard work and refinement come in.

3. Should have a stamp-like weight to it. Meaning, it should be a substantial, stand alone piece of art that doesn’t blend into the surrounding text in communications.

The DBS Communications logo shown here has been one of my favorites over the years. It not only incorporates the above criteria, but it also has a very special quality that I like to experiment with: illusion.

DBS Communications logo designed by Edwards CommuncationsLogo - DBS Communications by Edwards Communications





Most people will not see the d, b and S in the icon the first time they look at it, but when they do finally see it…. they feel like they have some inside knowledge and intimacy with the company. I have other examples of this on my Logos portfolio page.

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