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June 5, 2020

These guys are down to earth, intelligent and relatable. They have a wealth of experience in the corporate world but also understand that people want to be treated as individuals and need fulfillment and dignity, especially over age 50.

Furthermore, they put a lot of effort into the audio quality. It’s top notch whereas so many podcasts have such poor production value that they are ultimately unlistenable. I hope they continue and build their audience as they as definitely sponsor worthy.

They are both pretty conservative politically but their affable personalities make it easy to digest. I’m liberal all the way but still find the career related content to be solid advice.

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Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison. O5O Segment:  Sales adviceYou realize you gave your initial sales pitch to non-decision makers. How you turn that into a positive. Business travel changes (COVID!). Business/marketing tip of the week: Google My Business – your direct pipeline to Google just got more robust this week. You can enter in your individual products with photos, descriptions and offer, and they show up in searches way more visually. If you offer services – productize them!

Current Events: Today’s stress and anxiety – especially in young people today. Coddling our kids and not teaching them how to face struggles has resulted in high anxiety levels from social media expectations and bullying.  The immature, mob mentality of ADULTs on the NextDoor social media app.

Joe Biden calls Trump “America’s first racist president”. New lows. Biden forgets about past presidents that OWNED SLAVES.
Mainstream Media vs The Silent Majority: The quest for common sense and a moderate viewpoint in spite of the censoring and propaganda going on in the media today. Will a day of reckoning come after the upcoming election?

>Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sucks up to rioters. War in Portland out of control and eating each other alive. We also learn that Oregon’s capitol is Salem.

CHECK THIS OUT! ElderFox Documentaries: Mars In 4K — WOW! Looks like Utah. Expect to see a tree somewhere.

The UFO phenomena gets more curious. The government now admits to Unidentified Flying Objects that defy physics as we know it. What do we do with this information? Alien or manmade? Or manmade by us in the future or another dimension??? Evolution and humans merging with technology.

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