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June 5, 2020

These guys are down to earth, intelligent and relatable. They have a wealth of experience in the corporate world but also understand that people want to be treated as individuals and need fulfillment and dignity, especially over age 50.

Furthermore, they put a lot of effort into the audio quality. It’s top notch whereas so many podcasts have such poor production value that they are ultimately unlistenable. I hope they continue and build their audience as they as definitely sponsor worthy.

They are both pretty conservative politically but their affable personalities make it easy to digest. I’m liberal all the way but still find the career related content to be solid advice.

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Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison, discussing dealing with our emotions, as men, professionally and personally. Personal tragedies – Two friends facing life or death surgeries. COVID stress and professional pressures putting stress in our relationships. Barry struggles with expressing emotions proactively and healthily. Bad remodel growing up (Father expressed only anger). Barry keeps emotions internalized until they become damaging. We men have a hard time sharing our vulnerability.

Current events/politics: Biden likely to choose Kamala Harris for VP. Don Lemon (CNN) struggles with competency test.
Portland riots update: Rioters on video trying to burn down Police Association building (Reuters).

Ariana Pekary – former MSNBC booker and producer quits – Posting online a scathing letter calling the news network a ‘cancer that ‘stokes division, blocks diversity of thought and amplifies fringe voices for the sake of ratings.

Beirut explosion cripples an already fragile country gripped in poverty.

Cleveland: Looking back fondly on Dick Goddard, legendary Cleveland weatherman and animal rights activist.
Mike DeWine tests positive for COVID right before meeting with Trump. Then tests negative. Testing is proving to be fairly unreliable.

Sports: Get the politics out of our entertainment. Leave the players in the locker room until after the national anthem.

Craig Ferguson’s Hobo Fabulous on Amazon Prime – Really good. check it out!!

Ellen and the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ under investigation for racism and misconduct – the “woke” movement gone mad.

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