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June 5, 2020

These guys are down to earth, intelligent and relatable. They have a wealth of experience in the corporate world but also understand that people want to be treated as individuals and need fulfillment and dignity, especially over age 50.

Furthermore, they put a lot of effort into the audio quality. It’s top notch whereas so many podcasts have such poor production value that they are ultimately unlistenable. I hope they continue and build their audience as they as definitely sponsor worthy.

They are both pretty conservative politically but their affable personalities make it easy to digest. I’m liberal all the way but still find the career related content to be solid advice.

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Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison: Nice guys DON’T finish last! Study by the National Academy of Sciences shows that selfish, combative people DON’T get further ahead of nice, extroversive people in corporate America:
Depression prevention – helping people and taking responsibility for your career and wellbeing.

Current events: Portland violence continues. The plight of police in today’s society – Defunding vs more funding.
Covid-19’s new death statistics muddy the waters. Certainly not as many true Covid deaths as led to believe.
Clearing up Mail-in ballots vs Absentee ballots: Absentee ballots are requested, therefore the citizen is validated. Mail-ins are mass mailed to unverified people.
Nancy Pelosi throws her beauty salon under the bus when she’s caught on video being a hypocrite.
Joe Biden threatens more violence if Trump is re-elected.

Movie Review: LaLa Land. Merle LOVED it!

Feel good story of the week! “Couple donates wedding day food to shelter, spends day serving the homeless”
JUST MARRIED! Tyler and Melanie Tapajna of Parma, Ohio, feed the homeless in wedding gown and tux with their wedding reception catered food.

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