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June 5, 2020

These guys are down to earth, intelligent and relatable. They have a wealth of experience in the corporate world but also understand that people want to be treated as individuals and need fulfillment and dignity, especially over age 50.

Furthermore, they put a lot of effort into the audio quality. It’s top notch whereas so many podcasts have such poor production value that they are ultimately unlistenable. I hope they continue and build their audience as they as definitely sponsor worthy.

They are both pretty conservative politically but their affable personalities make it easy to digest. I’m liberal all the way but still find the career related content to be solid advice.

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What a wealth of knowledge and compassion!

December 29, 2022

I was blessed to have your podcast brought to my attention JUST in time to align with what is needed in our world right now…compassion and support in grieving and healing! Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom!

Dr Heather Browne



Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison – 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Special Episode 1 hour 46 minutes

Career/Self-improvementWorking or Not, Everyone Is Worried About Their Career’s Future –– Stats on America’s employment status during COVID. These 15 jobs will be in high demand over the next 5 years—some with salaries topping $80,000 – —  The job market has changed greatly since COVID, and here are 15 jobs that are in demand and their average salaries. Metaphysical: 3rd Wave Feminism: An evolution of the feminist movement that has resulted in an anti-male movement. “Mansplaining” “Manspreading” “Toxic Masculinity”… we can no longer discuss our differences in order to solve problems. The harm of trying to turn Equal Opportunity into Equal Outcome. Scandinavian countries are doing this at the detriment of young males, and the movement has grown tremendously in the west. Current Events/Politics: The final debate. The content and performances probably changed no one’s mind. The Biden corruption accusations and the media’s continued manipulation of all facts and perspective. Trump’s tax returns, “I pre-paid millions  in taxes” and general hyperbole. On the lighter side: If you could have one super power, what would it be? Flight… invisibility… Spidey web shooters…? Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album and Dreams single re-enter the top 10 after a 42-year absence thanks to viral TikTok video — Rumours jumped to No. 9 in Billboard charts this week — Dreams landing at No. 3 in the chart

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