Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison – Season 3 and off to the races!

Career/Self-improvementRelationships after 50

A friend at “a young” 65 yrs old finds himself vulnerable and alone after giving his relationship a second chance. We explore the ups and downs of dealing with the damage and moving forward. How to heal yourself before jumping back in the dating pool. Beware of dating apps and sites until you get your feet back under you. Consider productive community-oriented social outlets such as church activities, MeetUps, cycling groups and volunteer work. Make quality time with friends.


Humans merging with technology. Our Smart Phones are currently external hard drives linking us together with the internet and social media. Soon it will become an internal hard drive and Barry sees Star Trek The Next Generation’s Borg as a profound example of how we’ll be linked into the “collective” soon enough. Merle sees evidence of us losing our individuality today with the censorship of today’s mainstream media… and social media. Which leads us to…

Current Events/Politics

We take a look at the strong emotional polarization of today’s political preferences. Mainstream media is censoring important information (we won’t mention here because… censorship) as we cast our votes. Threats are made over the outcome of the election.

How will you show up Wednesday?  With the election finally behind us in a few days, how will you show up at work, with family, friends and neighbors… regardless of results?? Perhaps its time we get back to behaving the way that we taught our kids to behave.

On the lighter side

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to enjoy Cleveland after successful heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic –

New article by Barry: Will Generation X be the first generation never to get to retire? Link:

Man Tweets ‘I Am Not Ok’ And People Around The World Rally To Show Their Support –  

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