Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

How does God pick a team? We pray for a victory – puts God in an odd place. And what’s up with momentum shifts?

Careers/Self Improvement

Barry is working on Case Study of dentist – after someone else redesigned her site, she could hardly be found in Google searches. He shares methods for regaining search engine rank.
3 main areas that affect search rankings:
– Website structure – clean code. Clean, well-written content
– Off-page SEO – GMB, backlinks to mega-directories and high ranking sub-directories
– Content Marketing: Includes blog, social media, email list building — all working to attract target audience while increasing website ranking
A website is an investment when it brings in prospects. It’s a liability when you don’t treat it like an investment – don’t waste your money.

We discuss the huge gap between sales person vs consultant.

Special shout out to Diane Harrison of LQ Legal Docs. Diane provides affordable legal document preparation and assistance. Contact her via her website:

Current Events / Politics

Censorship on our social channels is becoming a huge problem.

The Constitution Part 2 (See 050 3.04 for Intro to the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and O5O 3.06 for Part 1).
Merle delivers the Preamble and describes how The Constitution outlines our federal government’s role is solely to protect our freedoms, and yet their have been massive over reaches.

On the Lighter Side…

Netflix Special Review: “The Last Dance” The Michael Jordan story.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday announced that breakdancing has been added as a sport for the 2024 games!

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