Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

Your best Christmas gift to your loved ones this year could cost you nothing more than some quality time. We share our thoughts and experiences.

Careers/Self Improvement

Barry shares Case Study of Cleveland dentist – SEO Recovery – after someone else redesigned her site, she could hardly be found in Google searches. He shares his Case Study of bringing her practice back to Page One of Google searches:
3 main areas that affect search rankings:
– Website structure – clean code. Clean, well-written content
– Off-page SEO – GMB, backlinks to mega-directories and high ranking sub-directories
– Content Marketing: Includes blog, social media, email list building — all working to attract target audience while increasing website ranking
Everyone’s case is unique and the best avenues for you must be identified and pursued.

Current Events / Politics

Cleveland Indians yield to cancel culture and will re-name the team. We can no longer celebrate native Americans in any way. Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and others will also likely fall prey to fake sensitivity.

Time Magazine nominates Biden/Harrison “Time Person of the Year”. Weird, since they haven’t even done anything yet.

Google hit with its third antitrust lawsuit since October, this time by a bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general – CNBC
Facebook blasts Apple in new ads over iPhone privacy change – CNBC
FB says Apple will feature “opt-in” only for targeted ads

The Constitution Part 3 : Merle discusses why the Congress is separated into two Houses: House of Representatives and Senate. This segment focuses on our House of Representatives – the individual’s  closest relation to our government. He concludes with a mind blower – how some movements today are taking things out of context to “prove” systemic racism dating back to our founders.

On the Lighter Side…

Cleveland Browns: From “Game of the Year” to another national game with playoff implications.
San Francisco embraces revisionist history.

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