Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

Arizona as possible new home for Merle – Pros and cons

Career / Self-improvement

Will Generation X be the first generation never to get to retire? — article by Barry Edwards,
We tackle reader Maria’s retirement obstacles

How healthy are health drinks?

How Barry’s smart phone bill went from $100 to $30 per month. And how to get a NEW iPhone 11 for $225:

Current Events / Politics

5 Oklahoma City officers charged with first-degree manslaughter in fatal shooting of teen who dropped gun  – USA Today

Cleveland Hyperloop would propel passengers at 700 mph through vacuum-sealed tubes
Cleveland to Chicago in ½ hour.  Phase 2 – Cle to Pitt in 10 min.

Russia and China just agreed to build a research station on the moon together.

On the Lighter Side…

Stay tuned for Special Guest Geza Kassai – Movie Art director/set designer- Judas and the Black Massiah (HBO Max), Wrong Term Part 7 (Horror movie series), I See You, Dangerous   IMBD page

Catch Merle co-hosting Rex Lee’s CyberTalk episodes – hopefully link comes soon.

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Over 50 Starting Over marketing tips for the middle aged entrepreneur

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