Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

Life in chaos.
A plea for help for 8 time cancer survivor Nina Messinahttps://GoFund.Me/5189470D
7 Things to Do After 50 for a Healthier Brain

Why does God allow such horrible atrocities to happen to really good people?

Hate speech vs free speech

Current Events

Trump SUES Facebook, Twitter and Google for censoring him, demands an end to Big Tech’s ‘silencing and blacklisting’ of conservative voices and calls for punitive damages for ‘cancel culture’ victims  —

Joe Rogan Brett Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory Podcast mashup of highlights. How our government, Big Tech and MSM cover up the effectiveness of a cheap, generic drug for treating the virus. –

The Lighter Side

Barry shares pics of puppies he and Lisa are going to visit later in the day. Will likely result in a new addition to the family.


BONUS: After show wrap up —>

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