Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

What Are the 5 Love Languages? –

Riders held up cellphones as woman was raped on SEPTA train, police say there were no calls made to 911 in Philadelphia   —

Colin Powell exits via cancer and the ‘vid. Unfortunately, his main legacy will remain “WMDs in Iraq”.

Portland sets new homicide record with over 66 killings this year and more than 1,000 shootings. Police handcuffed by House Bill2928 —

Bari Weiss Confronts Brian Stelter of CNN – –

Netflix reportedly spent $2.4 million per episode for ‘Squid Game,’ its all-time biggest hit.
Stranger Things” and “The Crown” cost $8 million and $10 million an episode, respectively,


BONUS: After showI Love Lucy

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