Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

Preparing for the great UFO Disclosure disappointment. US military report for Congress says UFO sightings by Navy pilots could be aliens or new hypersonic technology from Russia or China – but are not a secret US government project

Current events

China’s ‘artificial sun’ nuclear fusion reactor sets a new world record after running at 216MILLION°F for 100 seconds – as the nation inches closer to its goal of ‘limitless clean power’ –
China’s goal of world domination by 2035 seems to be right on schedule as they already have many countries dependent on them economically. Their technology expansion has caught up to the USA, and surpassing quickly.

Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E26.  Barry summarizes Yeonmi Park’s life story – Born in the tyrannical North Korea, sold into slavery in China, escapes to South Korea to get educated. Yeonmi finds her way to NY’s Columbia University for a severely disappointing experience.  —

Critical Race Theory is killing our educational systems and even infecting our military.

The Lighter Side

Woman Fights Off A Mama Bear To Protect Her Dogs –
Video captures hero cop single-handedly lift overturned car off woman to save her life —


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