Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison discuss…

June 25th… and still no UFO disclosure

Career/Self Improvement

Barry’s 15 minute video: How to automate your social media posts with Buffer –

How teamwork, preparation and character lands more sales than simple elbow grease.

Free Speech | Andrew Doyle |The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast | Season 4 Episode 32 —
Andrew discusses his new book, “Free Speech and Why It Matters”. The hate crime law in Parliament, the attack on free speech and its importance, Twitter attacks, creativity, and Titania McGrath’s story.

Current Events

48 charged at ‘Redneck Rave’ in Kentucky —

Condo collapse should serve as urgent alert that old Florida structures need auditing  — Miami Herald

Trump Going To U.S.-Mexico Border As Kamala Avoids Going, Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens –

Biden’s touts new crime prevention strategy focused on gun control. Murder rates souring in Chicago and Lightfoot blames guns –


The Lighter Side

Big score for women: Transgender hurdler is barred from competing in the US Olympics trials after she fails to prove she can meet the testosterone requirements


BONUS: After show wrap up —>

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