Barry Edwards and Merle Garrison interviewing Rex M. Lee- Cybersecurity and Privacy Advisor/Tech Journalist
Rex is a cybersecurity and privacy advisor and a freelance tech journalist.

He is the founder of My Smart Privacy and CyberTalk. Rex is also a sr. tech and telecom analyst for BlackOpts Partners out of Washington, DC.

Rex has written numerous articles centered on tech, telecom, privacy and cybersecurity for many publications that include The Epoch Times, MissionCritical Communications Magazine, The Wireless Messaging News and The Vision Times.

Rex has over 35 years of tech and telecom industry experience including senior executive experience. Rex has launched several wireless carriers that include paging, cellular, and LTE service providers plus he has helped launch several enterprise app and platform development companies such as Houdinisoft and Valorus Technologies (a Carnegie Technologies Company).

Rex is a former advisor to the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), National Security Agency (“NSA”) and the Senate and House Judiciary Committees regarding the Facebook Cambridge Analytical and Google Data Collection 2018 Congressional Hearings.

Rex writes his articles from a tech, telecom and cybersecurity industry insiders perspective which equals a lot of controversial content centered on Hybrid Warfare, intrusive apps, surveillance and data mining business practices, privacy, cybersecurity and civil liberties associated with smartphones, tablet PCs and connected products supported by the android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS.

Rex is not making many friends regarding the governments of China, Russia or Silicon Valley these days due to the subject matter of his articles.

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