Annual Reports: University Hospitals, United Way, Council on Aging

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Annual report for University Hospitals by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications

Annual Reports: University Hospitals

I was commissioned to design a fresh, clean look for UH’s Eye Institute that would be acceptably within UH branding guidelines, but establish a unique look. The project was very well received throughout UH.

“I have worked with Barry in a variety of capacities over the past eight years. A an agency owner, Barry was my preferred choice in graphic design vendor — I could count on his work to be innovative without being too “out there”. More often than I could count, my clients were speechless when I presented the design piece of the marketing campaign. Logos, brochures, sell-sheets, print ads, you name it, it was nothing short of professional, competitively priced and beyond the client expectations.

While working in “corporate America”, I retained Edwards Communications most recently for projects for Case Western Reserve and UH Case Medical Center. He designed a spectacular 24 page annual review as well as a full complement of brand-standard collateral pieces.

Additionally, he is tech savvy, creating innovative visual design to web sites, e commerces sites and e-newsletters.”

Susan Licate • Marketing Director, University Hospitals Eye Institute

Annual report for United Way by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications

United Way Annual Report

I’ve always done a lot of work with non profits. The first thing discussed is always, “we don’t have a big budget!” To which I reply, “Well, let’s see where we can cut costs and do this as efficiently as possible!” And away we go.

What most not-for-profit organizations underestimate is their own ability to make things happen. Virtually all of them are:

  • Extremely cooperative and available
  • Will supply all media materials possible (text, photos, etc.)
  • Won’t make an unusual amount of changes

It’s an absolute pleasure working with organizations that have the understanding that we’re working together for a good, common cause.

“We received many compliments on our annual report. It was colorful,
eye-catching, and interesting. With the work from Barry and our printer,
we have set the bar for future annual reports.”

Jessica Petersen • Director of Marketing & Communications
United Way of Lake County

Annual report for nonprofit Council on Aging by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications

Council on Aging Annual Report

The above mentioned budget crunch applied to this annual report as well… but, also an extreme time crunch! I designed this within one week’s time and sometimes that kind of pressure brings about some fresh artwork that doesn’t have a chance to get over-worked, over-thought or overly scrutinized.

This is one of my all time favorite low budget, quick turnaround projects.


University Hospitals Eye Institute brochure, design by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications

University Hospitals Eye Institute creative brochures

My main focus in this case study section is Annual Reports. However, I decided to include these two UH creative brochures as they are related to the same mission – and that is to create awareness within their donor and fundraising base. It is imperative to exude structure, results and quality in one’s brand when producing materials that will influence your most important stakeholders.


University Hospitals Eye Institute brochure, design by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications




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May 21, 2012

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