“Edwards Communications did a great job re-developing our large and complicated website. Their design pleased our membership, and we received comments like, “This site rocks!” We have an extensive blog, event listings and community groups that we talked through, re-organized and implemented, so that the site is much more user-friendly. It has a more modern feel, and it has allowed us to add more capabilities for our visitors and members. Edwards Communications has also responded quickly to any questions or enhancement requests. Well done, Edward’s Communications!”

John Eltzroth

Church IT admin

Problems with old website as stated by the client:

  • Existing content was too unorganized – not reader-friendly and hard to manage internally.
  • The website was too cluttered and outdated-looking.
  • Website wasn’t mobile-friendly and wasn’t ranking high enough in the search engines.
  • Events had previously required a lot of personal attention to update across the site, keep inventory and track attendance.


Chardon United Methodist Church website development by Barry Edwards, Edwards CommunicationsWebsite design solutions provided by Edwards Communications:

In 2015, long time client and colleague John Eltzroth (Effectium website, branding) asked me to help his church re-imagine their website. He made it clear that the biggest challenge would be to organize the vast amount of material and offerings in a more reader-friendly format. They also wanted assistance with their overall branding – logo, colors and such. Their Events also needed to be more automated and on-page SEO needed enhanced.

Automating events

John and I spent hours discussing the organization of the content and finding the best solutions to delivering the needs for their events. The results have been a huge success. We automated the Events so that the information on the homepage updates automatically with the event posting. The attendance, locations and inventory information is all maintained within the same posting.

It was a very different experience for me as a web developer, collaborating with someone like John (IT expertise) on the website. It gave me further insight into the many needs a large client has managing many different kinds of content. I truly enjoyed the experience and am very proud of the results.