Trade show displays: Novar, Meriam, HeatSeal

Trade show display design for Novar by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications


Novar 10′ trade show display and giveaway art

I was commissioned by Novar’s marketing director to create a fun, but professional map-like display. The marketing team came up with a creative way to engage their prospects at an upcoming trade show. I also created art for free water bottles given out to reinforce the interaction. Novar, a Honeywell company, is the global leader in multi-site energy management.

Meriam Process Technologies trade show display art

Meriam Process Technologies, a Scott Fetzer company, is recognized as a leading supplier of instrumentation & test and calibration equipment. Their marketing department commissioned me to design a 10″ x 10′ cubed trade show display that would feature their general product lines.

In order to ensure clear communication on this somewhat complicated design, I created 3D renderings (top) so the team and production company could visualize exactly how the display would look on show day.

trade show display, Meriam Process Technologies. Design by Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications


Heat Seal 30′ trade show display

Heat Seal manufactures a full line of packaging and process equipment for the food service and industrial packaging industries. In the mid 2000s, I worked with the new CEO and marketing director in redefining their brand. The new marketing efforts would require a versatile trade show display that could feature their entire line of products in a 30′ wide full size version (below) , or separated into specific 10′ stand alone panels.

(upon seeing Heat Seal’s newly designed trade show booth assembled for the 1st time):

“Looks great in person, the graphics have a lot of pop! People who are looking for the traditional Heat Seal booth might walk past this one, too professional!”

Mike Slivers • Heat Seal, Inc.

Trade show display for HeatSeal, Inc. by Barry Edwards,, Cleveland, Ohio

10′ trade show display design • Lake Erie Knitting Mills

trade show display design • Lake Erie Knitting Mills


10′ trade show display design with 6′ table skirt • BCH Electrical Safety Consulting

BCH Electrical Safety Consulting, tradeshow display and table cloth by Barry Edwards,


Trade show banners

trade show banners, by Barry Edwards, edwards-communications trade show banner for SkyLight Financial, by Barry Edwards, edwards-communications

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