Web development, social media integration: Middle Ridge Gardens

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Web site, social media integration: Middle Ridge Gardens, Madison, Ohio by Edwards Communications

Problems with old website as stated by the client:

  • Large database of inventory that was redundant to synch between their Excel spreadsheet and their online catalog page.
  • Keeping their Facebook presence up, and their blog was too time consuming
  • The website was too cluttered, unordered and outdated-looking
  • Website wasn’t mobile-friendly and wasn’t ranking high enough in the search engines.

Solutions provided by Edwards Communications:

  • We created a custom app so the client could upload their Excel file and it would automatically alphabetize and update the online category. 2 clicks. Done.
  • We synched their blog with their Facebook page, so Facebook automatically updated via the blog verbiage and photos. We also tied the top two blog categories into homepage so it was always updated with the most current events and specials.
  • We took a lot of time in re-ordering the content from the old site and put it into easy-to-find, sensible locations on the new site.
  • Of course we made the site responsive (mobile-friendly) so it reconfigures for mobile devices automatically. We also added industry standard codes for local SEO enhancement, clickable phone numbers and directions. Finally, we updated info and photos in Google Maps. Their SEO has increased greatly.

“We just love the new site. Its really clean and super easy to use.”

– Gabrielle Crouch, Middle Ridge Gardens


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May 19, 2015

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