Edwards Communications partnered with NMV Strategies to redesign and revitalize The Learning Advantage’s branding and marketing.

Nancy Valent of NMV Strategies headed this re-branding campaign that consisted of refining The Learning Advantage’s branding in the business consulting world. The Learning Advantage is a Virginia/Washington DC-based company that provides coaching services, organization development, leadership development and training to corporations, associations, and government organizations.

Additionally, founder and owner, Sandy Mobley, has authored the book, Juicy Work, which is rooted in personal and professional development and is taking it on the road with keynote appearances. Edwards Communications was asked by long time collaborator Nancy Valent of NMV Strategies to assist with putting together a promotional campaign that tied together The Learning Advantage’s branding and marketing with Sandy Mobley’s book and keynote promotions.

The Learning Advantage logo, by Edwards CommunicationsThe branding campaign consisted of refining content and creating a new slogan while redesigning The Learning Advantage’s logo.

Business cards soon followed establishing the look, fonts, colors and three primary focuses of the marketing. Letterhead and envelopes soon followed those.

Business card design by Edwards Communications

Business card – front

Business card design by Edwards Communications

Business card – back

Next came the redesigning of www.learningadvantageinc.com – tons of new pages and specific order to the content. It is responsive (mobile-friendly) and we established a new blog and “Resource Center” – A repository of premium material (whitepapers, video and articles) that is password protected which screens our list of prospects while building our mailing list.

Leadership coaching with The Learning Advantage's Sandra Mobley Keynotes and workshops with The Learning Advantage's Sandra Mobl Keynotes and workshops with The Learning Advantage's Sandra Mobl Coaching services with The Learning Advantage's Sandra Mobley
As we were designing the website, NMV Strategies organized a keynote presentation for Sandy Mobley here in Cleveland. The event was well attended by area professionals and we took that opportunity to capture photography and video of the entire event – complete with interviews and testimonials. Edwards Communications then created a YouTube channel for these and fed them into the website, dispersed throughout, supporting the appropriate material.

Along with the YouTube channel, we created Sandra Mobley’s and The Learning Advantage’s Google+ pages and loaded many of the photos and videos into them as well.

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