Barry Edwards, marketer, podcast host:

“Why are most SJWs white and middle-class?”  Question originally answered by Barry Edwards on Quora, 8-20-2020

Because that’s where most of main stream media’s audience is. Couple that with the trend of helicopter parenting and you have a brilliant recipe of kids that have never struggled for anything being told that everyone is a victim of white, hetero males.

Life is nothing but struggle. Try as you might to take that away from your precious children, they will find or create their struggles. Many get lost in video games trying to master the next level of struggle. Many get caught up in depression and drug use as a result of yielding to struggles. But, a shit ton of white middle-class kids find purpose by building an identity of being the heroes of the “victims” – everyone that isn’t white middle-class, as according to main stream media and today’s far left education system.

Unfortunately, these kids grow into adults that begin each morning fueled with caffeine and divisiveness by the likes of CNN and MSNBC telling them about the atrocities that are committed by every white hetero male that isn’t them.

It has quickly escalated to the point that if you’re not calling friends, family members and complete strangers racists, homophobes, xenophobes, blah, blah, blah, then you must be one of them.

I’ve even seen many of my own peers fall in line with this crap. Formerly mature adults with grown children, now on social media calling their friends racist nazis.

In a nutshell, main stream media, struggling for ratings in today’s media-infested world, has found that incentivizing divisiveness increases ratings and engagement with the “white privileged” drones out there that are seeking purpose and will gleefully do so at the cost of others.

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