I created my first web site in… I don’t know… 1997 or so. I found it hard to believe that someone like me, who started college majoring in fine art, later changing to graphic design, could actually create one.

These days I design/produce more websites than print work – which is a shame as I love doing print work so much. Nonetheless, I’m also enjoying doing more modern web sites these days. By modern, I mean sites that are very interactive and supply a lot of functionality. DBS Communications recently asked me to re-design their web site (I designed it originally in 2005 or so). They asked for the same thing everyone is asking for these days: “We want to interact with our clients – you know, kind of like Facebook. And we want to be able to make updates as well. We also want to have much better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than in the past).”

I’m doing all of that and much more for DBS and other clients. Installing blogs and linking them to social media sites, such as Linked In is a real time saver for them as well as increased exposure. I have the ability to add endless functionality to these sites, so its a fairly exciting time to be in this field.

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